kalyani July 19, 2019

It’s the factors which stir our intrinsic ambitions which truly motivate us, such as increased autonomy, acquiring new skills, being able to express ourselves – and all the other factors which I’ve outlined below. You can’t buy loyalty The workforce of my resident country Japan is famously loyal to their employers. It’s not uncommon for […]

kalyani July 19, 2019

The rewards of small business ownership can come with their share of risks. Some accidents or theft, for example, can lead to lost revenue, legal liabilities and big headaches. Fortunately, you can help protect your company by identifying potential risks and taking steps to prepare for them. Here’s a look at five business risks and […]

kalyani July 19, 2019

There’s a persistent perception that sales is a “last resort” job. I don’t know where it comes from, but you hear people say, “I’m just a sales rep.” I’m tired of it! When you choose a sales career, you’re not settling for a second-rate job. Sales is a challenging profession you can and should be proud […]

kalyani June 19, 2019

Anyone who is in the business of giving advice or recommendations, or generating programs or products to customers, is going to need liability coverage. This is over and above the protections that a business entity such as a limited liability company would afford. Professional liability insurance and errors and omissions insurance are sometimes spoken of […]

kalyani June 19, 2019

Is there a difference between marketing and sales? Of course, there is… Some of you might say the difference is obvious, and some might say there is not so much of a difference. But the truth is while the two go hand in hand it is dangerous not to see the difference – and the […]

kalyani March 19, 2019

However, the line that differentiates them can sometimes become blurry at best. In order to clear things up, we’ve created a simple comparison to differentiate between sales and marketing jobs – and how they have to work together for success. Sales Responsible for being convincing, charming and always winning an argument, sales is the divider […]

kalyani February 19, 2019

The rules of marketing have changed since Digital Marketing became a prominent method of putting product and services to consumers. Come to think of it, it has been one of the few career choices that have lived up to the hype it has created. Increased pay, clients shelling out more revenues and diverse working profiles […]

kalyani January 19, 2019

If you ask the person next to you about the difference between marketing and advertising, there’s a strong possibility you won’t get a clear answer. That’s because for many people, there’s only a subtle difference between marketing and advertising that’s often difficult to explain. To be honest, advertising and marketing are closely related disciplines that […]