kalyani June 19, 2019

Is there a difference between marketing and sales? Of course, there is… Some of you might say the difference is obvious, and some might say there is not so much of a difference. But the truth is while the two go hand in hand it is dangerous not to see the difference – and the connections.

Sometimes we get the impression there is no other function in a business where there is so much misunderstanding and mixing up as between sales and marketing. Especially founders and young companies seem to be missing a lot of revenue opportunity by simply not knowing the two and how they can be used together. Then they start with sales and do not think they need marketing – this might for a few businesses even work for a while and then the sales comes to a standstill because marketing did not nurture any prospects which would not have been necessary if marketing had started early on.

So, today we are trying to bring a little clarity to the question.

What is sales?

Now I do not want to go into an in-depth analysis of what sales is. But to figure out the difference regarding marketing, we should have a basic idea about what sales is.

“Sales” describes the whole process of getting in touch with people from your target group, turning them into leads and nurturing these leads until they eventually buy a product or service. Basically, the task and goal of the sales department is to sell whatever a company/business has to sell. Sales usually has a short term perspective of getting as many sells done as possible in a given amount of time and a long term goal to increase sales.

What is marketing?

The goals of marketing and a marketing strategy can be manifold. They range from creating better brand awareness and brand recognition over creating a positive brand image to creating interest for products and services within a target group.

The goals of marketing are rather long-term and sometimes difficult to measure in numbers. While marketing has a strong influence on revenue growth, results often appear after a longer period of time.

Now, with these rather simplified definitions of sales and marketing, we already see some fundamental differences as for instance, that sales is looking for short term success while marketing usually has a more long term perspective.

Still, one goal of marketing is to make the job of sales easier. Because customer acquisition should start a long time before the first sales calls.

There is no doubt about sales having a better starting point if potential customers they contact have already heard of the product or the brand and hopefully also trust in the brand. But there is more that marketing can do to help the sales team work more efficiently and convert more sales.

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